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All my art – news and updates

1 Feb

Digital art, drawings, watercolors and original photography by Nicu Ilie:

Exophtalmia - drawings and watercolors my

Exophtalmia – drawings and watercolors my

December. 30 | We invite you to watch a movie with a series of 40 watercolors and drawings of mine, gathered under the title “Exoptalmia”. I will soon publish a catalog of these works, and an interactive virtual 3D gallery extended series of works …

Catalogue "Pixopictura I" - eBook edition

Catalogue “Pixopictura I” – eBook edition

December. 5 | Catalogue “Pixopictura I” was released today in a format optimized for online reading and download Rocarta.info platforms and Scribd. The album includes 88 digital graphic works Pixopictura series and titles and descriptions …

Funny Add for Job Winner

1 Feb

Job Winner, an website from Swiss, has developed a funny campaign to promote their services. The main Idea was: if you win, somebody, somewhere lose. And this must be nice, so long you win…


Twilighters.romportal.ro, fan site for vampyres

22 Aug


The new site for Twilight fans is Twilight.romportal.ro. Realized in Romanian Language, this website is a large collection of information for the use of fan clubs Twilight everywere in the world: trailers, hd trailers for Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse, posters, biografy of characters, actor life, trivia. So: Romanian Twilighters.

The descendents of Dracula invite you at a new vampyre webstite.