VIP in Romania

1 Feb
  • Ariana Ear, director BRAT

    Function: ARM CEO Phone Number: 0722-755.220 Email: Short CV / Presentation: With a solid background in mathematics, statistics specialist, Ear Arina began his career as an assistant professor at Polytechnic University Bucharest. In 1999 began his media career, first as a researcher and then Director of Research at …

  • Stefan Vuza (businessman) – biographical

    Name: STEPHEN Vuza Title: Group President BUSINESS SERVICES ROMANIA – Date of Birth: 15/09/1969, Iasi, Romania Education: 1984 to 1988 High Military – Aviation, Craiova, 1988-1991 Military School – Officers, tanks, Pitesti 1990-1994 Faculty of International Economic Relations, Bachelor of Foreign Trade, Bucharest 1996-2000 Faculty of Law, Bachelor of International Trade Law Bucharest, 2001 Studies …


  • Demetrius Bagdasar (biography)

    Demetrius Bagdasar (1893-1946) physician, scholar, born in Roşieşti, Vaslui, studied medicine in Bucharest and in the U.S., where he specialized in surgery of the nervous system. He made one of the first operations in the world in this field, together with Academician Clerexe. Returned to the country, he settled in Bucharest, where he created a true school of neurosurgery and …

  • Andrew Siminel – Business

    Much of the old communist stores Romarta was acquired by investment fund Broadhurst and belongs to the American company New Century Holdings, represented by Andrew Siminel. He took particularly famous department stores in the city-county, which has brought together under the umbrella Romarta. About two thousand stores in thirty cities …



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  • CV Dragos Adrian Benea (politician)

    Address: Calea Mărăşeşti no. 2, 600017, Bacau, Bacau County, Romania Phone: 0234 534 481 Fax: 0234 535 012 E-mail: Date of birth: 18.12.1975 Work experience Dates: 2004-present Occupation or position held: Chairman of Board Bacau County Main activities and responsibilities: Under the Law on Local Public Administration no.215/2001, art.101-104 Name and address of employer: Type Bacau County Council …

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  • Adamescu family (Dan Grigore Adamescu) – Business

    Adamescu family union shop downtown has a new mall built in Brasov, both managed by the company Unirea Shopping Center. Business is estimated at 1.2 billion euros, according to Capital Top 300 and 300 million according to Forbes Romania. Megaconstruct construction companies and Baumeister, Hotel Rex in Mamaia, the company …

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  • Lawrence Postovaru (businessman)

    Bucur Obor old store brought a tidy profit in the last three years: nearly 4 million. This money went into shareholders accounts, the most important being Postovaru Lawrence businessman who owns, including through the Amadeus Group LLC, 40%, and Manea Gelu, who also has 16.053% of the shares by the …

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  • Iulian Dascalu (businessman)

    Julian Teacher, also called King malls, and everything started business in the old store, which subsequently upgraded several times. Julius was the first shopping center built in an area taken from work Invalides, but now the businessman Iasi local market has four brand new shopping centers under Julius Mall: the …

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  • Burcea paragraph (businessman, desk)

    Is the owner of the largest travel agencies in Romania with local shareholders, Parallel 45, and vice president of the National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT). One of the most influential investors in tourism, assesses their agency Burcea 18-20 million. He holds Residence Hotel Bucharest hotel on the coast and Style, four stars. …

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