Old stories at nicuilie.eu

1 Feb

Some old stories, published in Romanian Press, are reposted at the author’s personal website, http://www.nicuilie.eu:

Trip to El Andaluz

Trip to El Andaluz

May. 27 | The Arabs came here in Europe and also where Columbus left the world to add a new continent. Province of Málaga and the Costa del Sol is one of the areas with a history of large scale and a fluid present in full …

Relaunching TV report

Relaunching TV report

February. 1 | A story of outstanding quality I could watch today on Pro TV, the show Love Romania. Program name is silly, but the quality of materials recommend. The best story of the show which also included material-glamor fancy (Pro. ..

Noble courts of the big hotels

Noble courts of the big hotels

September. 8 | Occupations most important man in the lobby of a luxury hotel there is no folder, you do not really see the world or the receptionist, who has a thorough and devoid of poetry or hotel detective in costume or blackened hidden …

See more stories (Romanian Language)

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